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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Hoya PRO ND16 Gradual Neutral Density Filter
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Hoya PRO ND16 Gradual Neutral Density Filter


Blender type graduated ND filter for balancing the luminosity of bright areas with the dark areas in the image.

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HOYA PROND FILTER is a high technological product targeted for both still photography and HDSLR video markets. The PROND filters use HOYA’s exclusive clear optical glass that incorporates a metallic coating on front and back side to equally reduce almost all range of the light spectrum even in the IR area. The ACCU-ND technology used in the coating process perform a truly neutral colour balance that will not add any noticeable colour cast to your images.


The HOYA PROND16 GRAD filter represents blender type graduated round filter designed to balance the luminosity of bright areas with the dark areas in the image. Suggested for those photographers who are specializing mainly in landscape photography. A blender type filter is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of situations, especially when the scenery and horizon have a complex or uneven structure. The filter incorporates ACCU-ND technology, providing the highest quality and the best experience for the photographer.


Hoya professional-grade optical glass
Smooth ‘Blender’ transition
Ideal for high-resolution landscape photography and video use
Blender transition especially useful when scenery and horizon have complex or uneven structure
ACCU-ND coating technology for neutral colour balance, without colour-shift
Anti-reflection and water-repellent coatings on both sides
Uses Hoya’s low-profile, rotating filter ring with front filter thread
Mark on filter rim to show point of deepest density

Additional information

Filter Effect

Graduated, Neutral Density


Screw In


77mm, 82mm



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