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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Vanguard VEO PV-18 Arca Compatible Video Head – 15KG Load Capacity

Vanguard VEO PV-18 Arca Compatible Video Head – 15KG Load Capacity




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The VEO PV-18 is a CNC machined Arca compatible video head with a maximum load capacity of 15kg that delivers a smooth fluid like movement, suitable for almost any video camera (or a spotting scope or long lens).

The head includes extra large Arca compatible QS-61P quick release plate to provide a secure base for your video camera to attach to the head. This includes an adjustable thread and a non-twist spring pin that ensures your video camera is always aiming true and not coming loose in use.

This allows you to fit your camera to the Arca compatible quick release system in seconds. Simply slot the quick release plate into the clap and tighten. To remove, just loosen the clamp and press down button to lower the non-slip safety pin and lift out.

When setting up, the head includes two oversized spirit level vials that make it easy to check your head is level, and a scale on the side of the head allows you to repeat settings with ease.

In use, the head has two removable 210mm long handles. These can be set up for left or right handed use, or both can be used together for dual hand control. They are also extendable to 355mm when needed.

There is a separate 360° pan lock on the side of the base that allows you to lock the head in place.

At the rear of the head between the handles is an oversized vertical locking knob that allows the head to be set at -45° to +90°. The speed of movement can be adjusted using the fluid drag lock on the side which can adjust the damping, giving you more control of the movement.

On the side of the head is a 3/8″ thread with a 1/4″ adaptor, with non-slip bayonet slots on each sides. This allows you to attach a magic arm to the side with an accessory that can make the most of your shoot. While you can fit any brand’s magic arm, we would recommend the VEO TSA DLX as these incorporate Vanguard’s non-slip bayonet fittings that ensures that the magic arm can’t slip in use.

With a 58mm diameter base it is ideal for a full sized tripod with a 3/8″ thread (but can be used with any tripod with a 1/4″ thread using the adaptor provided).

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