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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / OP/TECH USA Urban Sling Black 6501052 Camera Strap

OP/TECH USA Urban Sling Black 6501052 Camera Strap


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The Urban Sling™ from OP/TECH USA is the ideal solution for carrying gear in areas of dense population where security is a concern. With a cut-resistant braided stainless steel cable incorporated into the webbing, it offers additional peace of mind for photographers. It has a “quick adjust” feature that allows the camera to be instantly secured in a “body-guarded” position keeping expensive cameras and lenses from swinging too freely in a crowd. The “quick adjust” returns the sling to the normal shooting position just as fast so there’s no worries of missing a shot.

The Urban Sling™ is designed with a special pad comprised of an internal layer of high-tech memory foam for added cushion and a control-stretch™ elastic to give added support. These layers are then enclosed by two layers of neoprene of which one has a non-skid surface backing for added grip on the shoulder. A support-stretch™ binding completes the picture to create a sling that can be worn for hours in comfort. There are no quick disconnects on the main part of this sling as an added security measure; however, it incorporates our Uni-Loop™ connectors for attaching to the camera. These connectors are easily interchangeable with many other OP/TECH USA harnesses, slings and straps giving the photographer added versatility.