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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Vanguard Alta BH-250 Ball Head – Arca Compatible – 20kg Load Capacity
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Alta BH-250

Vanguard Alta BH-250 Ball Head – Arca Compatible – 20kg Load Capacity


The ALTA BH-250 ball head is a multi-action ball head with precision control.


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The ALTA BH-250 ball head is a multi-action ball head with precision control. Weighing in at just over 577g/20ozs and a carrying capacity of 20kg/44lbs you can bet your gear on top will remain rock steady. This ball head has a separate locking knob, friction knob and panning knob allowing the unit to adjust to your working style. Most photographers like ball heads especially when doing portraits, studio work, scenic and work that does not require technical accuracy.


This ball head will easily secure larger cameras with long lenses like 70-200mm. The universal Arca compatible plate with built-in safety-pin connectivity provides double security in case you accidentally release your camera.


The ball has an oxidized anodized surface which provides smooth movement and helps to protect the ball from scratches. This ensures a smooth operating ball head for years to come. All these benefits along with a great warranty ensure your Vanguard head will give you many years of use.


This ball head with its great carrying capacity and its strong features can easily be the ball head of choice for most of your shooting needs. Load, position, and lock! No matter the angle you are shooting in, your gear stays in place!


Key Features:

  • Never Waver – 4 Independent lock knobs (Easy Grip Main ball lock, panning lock knob, camera QS lock knob, friction control lock knob)
  • Rapid Intuitive Positioning- Set up your shot in seconds
  • Robust Build Construction- Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum which provides long-lasting performance
  • Precision Alignment- Dual bubble levels allow for easy quick fine-tuning and seamless positioning
  • Quick Shoe Safe- Uses an “Arca-Swiss” quick release system with a built-in retractable safety pin positioned on the top of the mounting plate of the head. Double security for your valuable equipment
  • Quick Shoe- QS-60V2 38mm universal Arca compatible plate. Compatible with all Vanguard BH series Ball heads and many other heads.
  • Ball Head Base- 55mm base and includes dual 3/8” to ¼” reducing bushing



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