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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / USED Olympus OM 50mm F1.4 MC – For OM1, OM2 Etc
om501.4 om501.4mc Rear-Element

USED Olympus OM 50mm F1.4 MC – For OM1, OM2 Etc


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Condition & Details

  • Condition: This lens is tested, operational, has clean optics and is in excellent condition.

Supplied With

  • Olympus OM 50mm F1.4 MC
  • Front and Rear Caps

Item Description

The Olympus OM 50mm F1.4 is a must have standard prime lens. 50mm is the ideal focal length to cover most situations and with the F1.4 maximum aperture provides amazing “bokeh” when used wide open.


Compatible with the Olympus OM Series of Manual Focus 35mm Film SLR Cameras such as the OM1, OM2 etc.



Additional information

Lens Type

Prime, Standard