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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / USED Leica IIIG Rangefinder + Leica 5cm F2.8 Elmer Lens
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USED Leica IIIG Rangefinder + Leica 5cm F2.8 Elmer Lens


The ultimate screw mount Leica

In stock


Condition & Details

  • Condition: The camera and lens have been tested, are operational and in really nice condition.

Supplied With

  • Leica IIIG Body
  • Leica 5cm F2.8 Elmer Lens

Item Description

The legendary IIIG was the ultimate Leica Screw thread camera. It was the first Leica to feature the frame-line system, offering frames for both 50mm and 90mm lenses. The viewfinder was larger and brighter than all models which preceded it.


Takes L39 screw thread lenses, with a great selection available from many different manufacturers.

Key Features

  • 50mm & 90mm Frame Lines
  • Self timer
  • Bright Viewfinder
  • Leica L39 Screw Mount
  • No batteries required – fully mechanical camera
  • Made in Germany