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INOV8 Universal LI-ION Charger



Universal charging unit for most types of Li-on & NiMH Batteries for digital cameras, camcorders, mobiles phones etc.

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The Inov8 Universal battery charger is ideal as a replacement, additional or single charger solution for all your camera, camcorder and mobile batteries. It will charge 99% of all 3.6V,3.7V,7.2V & 7.4V Lithium-ion batteries and AA/AAA & NICD/NIMH batteries keeping your electronic devices alive and ready to go.


Placing your battery in to the charger couldnt be any easier. Simply lock back the housing and slide the connector pins to match your battery. The charger will automatically detect the battery voltage and polarity and display the information on the stylish blue LCD screen including indication of charge level. The charger is multi-voltage so can be used anywhere in the world and can also charge on the go with the in car 12V output cable.


Please note: There are a limited number of specialist batteries the Inov8 Universal charger cannot support. These include batteries with voltages lower than 3.6v and higher than 7.4v, batteries which have non-standard contact other than positive and negative (+/-) connectors and batteries with contact furher apart than 5cm. For these batteries Inov8 also offer proprietary chargers.



Key Features:

  • Charges most types of Li-on & NiMH Batteries for digital cameras, camcorders, mobiles phones etc
  • Fixed connectors to charge 2 x AA/AAA NiCd / NiMH Batteries
  • Lockable cover with easy to use sliding design to adjust to fit your batteries connectors
  • Suitable for use with 3.6V, 3.7V and 7.2V digital camera batteries
  • Charges from any mains voltage around the world (additional travel adapter may be required)
  • In-Car adaptor to power from Car Cigarette lighter socket