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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Hoya REVO Circular Polariser CIRC-PL Super PRO1D SMC Filters

Hoya REVO Circular Polariser CIRC-PL Super PRO1D SMC Filters


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Hoya Revo SMC CIR-PL Circular Polarising Filter. The Hoya REVO circular polarising filter is the latest version of this classic accessory. Designed to give strong blue skies, clear views, and cut down on unwanted reflections, we find out how this new circular polarising filter performs. The Hoya Super Pro1 D Revo SMC CIR-PL Filter is made in Japan, using precision optical glass and features an improved Super Multi-Coating (IS-HMC) formula. On top of this is a clear water & stain resistant coating to help you keep it clean. The filter has a low-profile aluminium filter frame, so that it is compatible with a wide array of super and ultra wide-angle lenses. The filter looks noticeably dark when mounted to a lens, matching the black bodies of most cameras. It also provides protection for the front lens element, and matches the Panasonic Lumix X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 lens with a thin profile that is barely thicker than a standard UV filter. The HOYA REVO Circular polarising filter is thin, light, and easy to use, and despite the relatively high price, we think it is worth the investment as the quality is excellent and the effect it has on photos, particularly landscape photography is dramatic. The filter has a number of other uses, such as shooting through glass, water, cutting down on reflections, boosting greens, as well as helping with product shots of reflective objects such as the plastics in the packaging above. A circular polarising filter is an excellent investment, and the high quality Hoya Revo circular polarising filter is definitely recommended

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