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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / HIKMICRO Lynx 6mm Thermal Monocular – HM-LC06

HIKMICRO Lynx 6mm Thermal Monocular – HM-LC06

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The HIKMICRO Lynx 6mm Hand Held Thermal is a small compact unit that can easily be carried around in your pocket for ease of use. The Lynx has a 160×120 17 Micron Thermal Core and an extreme wide Field of View. This makes the Lynx a perfect entry level thermal imager for spotting wildlife in the garden or spotting rats and rabbits at close ranges.


The Lynx 6mm comes with a 160x120px, 17µm thermal sensor (35mK NETD Rating) and HIK software deliver a detailed image to the screen. The 35mK NETD Rating equals one of the most sensitive sensors available on the market, detecting even the smallest temperature differences whether it be in rain, fog or snow.


The WiFi and the dedicated app allow you to take complete control of the unit’s settings and features from your smartphone so you can share your footage to friends and on social media. The IP67 rating guarantees a robust chassis capable of repelling dust and rain, protecting you from the worst of the weather.


Lynx 6mm comes with a battery life of up to 10 hours which is perfect for long evenings out whether that be deer stalking, vermin control or foxing.

Key Features

  • Sensor – 160×120 17 Micron
  • 6mm Objective Lens
  • Up to 219m detection
  • NETD Rating –  Sub 35mK
  • 50Hz Refresh Rating
  • Magnification – 0.6x Optical with 4x Digital Zoom
  • Field of view 24.7° × 18.7°
  • 720×540 LCOS Display
  • Multiple Colour Palettes
  • Built in Video Recording
  • Built in WiFi
  • IP67 Rated
  • 3 Year Warranty



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