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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Delkin Devices CFexpress 165GB Power G4 Latest Memory Card TYPE B + Card Reader
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Delkin Devices CFexpress 165GB Power G4 Latest Memory Card TYPE B + Card Reader


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POWER CFexpress™ Type B G4 Memory Cards from Delkin Devices combine industrial strength & reliability with unmatched performance. Leveraging today’s newest technology, these cards provide professional-level performance that is specifically designed to meet current industry standards and excel in the latest generation of high-end cinematic hosts.


Technologically Advanced CFexpress™ Recording Speeds

Utilizing a 4th generation PCI Express interface (as well as supporting NVM Express), Delkin POWER CFexpress™ Type B G4 cards boast maximum potential recording speeds up to 1700 MB/s for flawless cinema-quality video capture, including 8K, 6K & 4K at high frame rates and bitrates. These cards also offer minimum sustained sequential write speeds exceeding 1490 MB/s (805 MB/s for 128GB – 512GB), guaranteeing that data is written swiftly and safely to the card. This is especially valuable for videographers and filmmakers who are shooting with high-end cinema cameras that capture RAW video at Gbps rates.

To learn more about PCI Express (PCIe) technology and the advantages it offers over other memory solutions, please check out our “PCI Express (PCIe) Explained” Learning Lab article.


Streamlined Workflow

Capable of offloading data at speeds reaching up to 1780 MB/s, Delkin POWER CFexpress™ Type B G4 cards ensure the quickest, most efficient data transfer from card to computer for immediate access to your files and sooner post-production start time. This is ideal for photographers and videographers who need to quickly unload large amounts of data and get back to shooting.


Tested for Compatibility

Each POWER CFexpress™ Type B G4 card has undergone extensive testing to ensure full functionality and performance in today’s high-end hosts. Built to meet the extensive demands of today’s broadcast, cinema and photography industries, these are the cards you can trust for fast, reliable photo & video capture. It is important to note though that CFexpress™ Type B cards are not backwards compatible with either CFexpress™ Type A, CFast 2.0 or CompactFlash hosts.


Durable Design & Lifetime Warranty

Built to endure even the most strenuous shooting environments, Delkin POWER CFexpress™ Type B G4 cards are durably designed to be shockproof, magnet proof, X-ray proof, anti-static, UV-guarded and resistant to extreme temperatures. Each card is also backed by a Lifetime Warranty and Delkin’s American-based customer support team out of San Diego, CA.

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