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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Cokin Z-Series Pro Landscape Kit U300-06
lanscape Landscape-Kit

Cokin Z-Series Pro Landscape Kit U300-06


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The 3 Landscape filters kit for Large 100mm size is composed of a GND8 (3 f.stops), Gradual Blue, Gradual Tobacco and a microfiber. Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filters allow to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor on a portion of your pictures so that you can reduce shutter speed and get some motion effect.

By rotating the filter-holder you can place its effect, by sliding it up and down you can setup its intensity so that you can balance your exposure correctly. The Gradual Blue and Tobacco are famous to render unique atmosphere to your landscapes.

This kit includes:

1x Cokin Z 121S Soft Graduated Neutral Density ND8 (3 stops)
1x Cokin Z 123S Soft Graduated Blue Filter (1.2/3 Stops)
1x Cokin Z 125S Soft Graduated Tobacco Filter (2 Stops)

Filter Size: Z Pro Series 100mm x 150mm

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