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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Canon EOS R10 Camera Body
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Canon EOS R10

Canon EOS R10 Camera Body

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EOS R10 24.2mp APS-C Mirrorless Camera capable of 15fps.

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The perfect next step in photography and into the Canon RF mount system, whether you’re moving on from a smartphone or upgrading your DSLR. The EOS R10 lets you be creative in ways you simply couldn’t before – the only limit is your imagination.


Stay focused on the subject
Track subjects accurately, keeping them pin-sharp, with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II. It’s programmed with deep-learning AI to recognise people, animals and vehicles, wherever they are in the frame.


Turn fleeting moments into lifelong memories
Photograph fast-moving subjects with high-speed bursts of images, freezing them in time to reveal unseen detail. The EOS R10 can shoot continuously at 15fps, or bursts up to 23/30fps with its silent electronic shutter.


Video and photos from the same hybrid camera
4K/30p footage from the EOS R10 looks simply superb – it’s captured by oversampling 6K sensor data, and the results need to be seen to be believed. 4K 60p footage3 as well as Full-HD at up to 120p can also be captured.


Get close and fill the frame
The EOS R10’s APS-C sized sensor gives 1.6x more telephoto reach than the same focal length lens on a full-frame camera. Great for finding details in landscapes when travelling or getting close to local wildlife.


Connected to the world
Wherever you are, the EOS R10 helps get your content where it needs to be. Upload straight from the camera to the canon.image cloud with Wi-Fi, or connect to your smartphone for sharing to social media.


Panoramic shot mode
Stunning photos covering a huge angle can be shot quickly and easily using the EOS R10’s Panoramic Shot mode. The camera combines the images shot as the camera is panned, merging them together to create the final panoramic result. Photographers can choose the direction of movement – up, down, left or right – and, although any RF, RF-S, EF or EF-S lens can be used, those with built in optical IS will reduce any blurring that comes from camera movement.


In-camera depth compositing
When depth of field is limited, for example when shooting up close, the EOS R10 lets photographers extend and control the zone of sharpness by shooting multiple images at different focus distances then merging these using in-camera depth compositing. The results of the merge can be seen immediately, so users can get the perfect outcome.


image.canon cloud RAW processing
Raw files from the EOS R10 can be processed in the image.canon cloud for the ultimate in image quality. More advanced noise and moire reduction results in more natural looking JPEG and HEIF image files.



Key Features:

  • Megapixels: 24.2
  • Sensor and Processor: APS-C 1.6x / DIGIC X
  • In-camera Image Stabilizer: No
  • Focusing Points: Duel Pixel CMOS AF II
    Automatic selection: 651 Available AF areas when automatically selected,
    Manual selection: 1-point AF (AF frame size can be changed) 4503 (stills)/ (3713) movie AF positions available
  • AF Tracking: Animals (Dogs, Cats & Birds), Humans (Eyes, Face, Head & Body), Vehicles (Racing Cars or Motor Bikes)
  • Frames Per Second: 15fps mechanical shutter / Max 23fps electronic shutter
  • Video Capabilities: 4K UHD
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Supported
  • Memory Card: SD/SDHC/SDXC and UHS-II
  • Body Mount: RF Mount (EF and EF-S lenses can be used with EF-EOS-R Mount Adapter)
  • Rear Screen Style: 2.95″ TFT Touchscreen LCD



What’s in the Box:

  • Digital Camera EOS R10 Body
  • Camera Cover R-F-5

  • Strap

  • Battery Charger LC-E17E

  • LP-E17

  • AC Cable

Additional information

Weight0.429 kg
Dimensions122.5 × 87.8 × 83.4 cm



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