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Mifsuds Photographic Ltd / Canon 600EX II-RT Speedlite
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Canon 600EX II-RT Speedlite



A high-performance Speedlite flash for professional photographers.

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An advanced, high-performing flash, engineered for fast frame-rate shooting, adapted to a range of light conditions and suitable for demanding events such as weddings and corporate functions. An improved flash-control algorithm helps prevent overheating, so you can use the flash for longer, and the Quick Flash feature allows the Speedlite 600EX II-RT to fire even without reaching full charge, so you never miss that unique moment.


The zoom flash head covers a range of 20-200 mm, with a maximum guide number of 60 m at ISO 100 to suit most environments, and there’s wireless flash shooting support available for both radio and optical transmission, whilst a multiple flash system lets you control of up to 5 groups of flashes at one time. Used off-camera or in the hot shoe, the Speedlite 600EX II-RT’s versatility allows you to take complete control over your lighting.


Shoot faster and for longer

The Speedlite 600EX II-RT delivers an uncompromising performance, making it an ideal companion for the EOS-1D X Mark II. Fire up to 50% more flashes continuously, compared with the Speedlite 600EX-RT, and add the CP-E4N battery pack for an even longer bursts.


Reliable performance on- and off-camera

An improved flash-control algorithm helps prevent overheating, and Quick Flash allows the Speedlite 600EX II-RT to fire even if a full charge hasn’t yet been achieved, so you won’t miss that unique moment. A zoom and bounce head ensures that flash coverage matches the lens in use, and allows light to be reflected from walls and ceilings for a more natural result. The Speedlite 600EX II-RT is weatherproofed to the same level as the EOS-1D X Mark II, so you can keep shooting even when conditions get tough.


A Bounce Adapter is included for softer lighting when shooting portraits and clip-on coloured filters help when balancing flash with ambient light.


Creative off-camera lighting from any direction

Simulate light coming from any direction by positioning the Speedlite 600EX II-RT off-camera. Fire it from up to 30m away, using built-in radio or optical control and an optional wireless trigger, the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT. Multiple Speedlite 600EX II-RT can be used together (individually or in groups) and can be combined with other Canon flashes, like the Speedlite 430EX III-RT.


Powerful performance, with guide number 60 (m, ISO100)

The Speedlite 600EX II-RT packs plenty of power, so you never be left frustrated. It’s ideal for lighting large spaces, and bouncing light from walls and ceilings for a softer, more natural result. A Bounce Adapter is included, which softens flash light even more. The unit recycles silently in as little as 3.3s, and the optional CP-E4N battery pack shortens this time even further.


Easy to use, with intuitive controls and an informative display

A customisable control dial allows quick adjustments when working under pressure, while a large, illuminated display shows relevant shooting information at a glance. The charge status of all wireless flashes in the group is shown on the display of the master Speedlite 600EX II-RT unit.



Key Features:

  • Intuitive controls and an information display make your flash simple and easy to use
  • Enjoy powerful performance with guide number 60 m at ISO 100
  • Get creative with off-camera lighting from any direction using radio wireless control
  • Make the most of reliable performance on and off-camera
  • The Speedlite 600EX II-RT is weatherproofed to the same level as the EOS-1D X Mark II, so you can keep shooting even when conditions get tough
  • Add the CP-E4N battery pack (not included) for even longer bursts



What’s in the box:

  • Speedlite 600EX II-RT Flash
  • Soft case Mini stand
  • Colour Filter SCF-E3OR2
  • Colour Filter SCF-E3OR1
  • Bounce Adapter SBA-E3
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card




  • EOS-1D X Mark II
  • EOS 5DS
  • EOS 5D Mark IV
  • EOS R
  • EOS 6D**
  • EOS 6D Mark II
  • EOS 7D II
  • EOS 80D
  • EOS 77D
  • EOS 800D**
  • EOS 750D**
  • EOS 700D**
  • EOS 200D
  • EOS 2000D**
  • EOS 4000D**
  • EOS M5**
  • EOS M6**
  • EOS M50**
  • EOS-1D X
  • EOS-1Ds Mark III**
  • EOS-1Ds Mark II**
  • EOS-1Ds
  • EOS-1D Mark IV**
  • EOS-1D Mark III**
  • EOS M10**
  • EOS-1D
  • EOS-1D Mark II**
  • EOS 5D Mark III
  • EOS 5D Mark II**
  • EOS 5D**
  • EOS 7D**
  • EOS 70D
  • EOS 60Da**
  • EOS 60D**
  • EOS 50D**
  • EOS 40D**
  • EOS 30D**
  • EOS 20D**
  • EOS 10D**
  • EOS D60**
  • EOS D30**
  • EOS 650D
  • EOS 600D**
  • EOS 550D
  • EOS 500D**
  • EOS 450D**
  • EOS 400D**
  • EOS 350D**
  • EOS 300D**
  • EOS 100D**
  • EOS 1200D**
  • EOS 1100D**
  • EOS M**
  • EOS M3**
  • EOS 5DS R
  • EOS 760D**
  • EOS 1300D**
  • EOS-1D C
  • EOS-1D Mark N
  • EOS M2**
  • EOS RP
  • EOS 90D
  • EOS M6 Mark II
  • EOS Ra
  • EOS-1D X Mark III
  • EOS 850D


* Some functionality may be restricted or unavailable depending on the camera used.
** Not fully compatible with all functions using Radio Transmission



Kyosei is Canon’s corporate philosophy and lies at the heart of our brand, business and sponsorship activities. Kyosei is a Japanese word that means living and working together for the common good – a principle that is embraced by all Canon employees. It shapes our mission and our values, the way we treat our people and conduct our business. Beyond our company activities, Kyosei influences the way we operate within the wider community and with organisations throughout the world. We believe that being a good corporate citizen is of paramount importance and are mindful of how our activities impact on our customers, employees, partners and the world around us.

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Weight 435 kg
Dimensions 122.7 × 78.7 × 143.2 cm

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