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Hama T2 Camera Adapter for Nikon

T2 Adapters - Hama T2 Camera Adapter for Nikon

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To connect lenses, extension bellows and other attachments with a T2 thread to Nikon cameras 

Note for Consumers: 
Camera Adapter is not suitable for Nikon F-4 cameras.

This Hama T2 adapter mount allows SLR and DSLR cameras using the Nikon Bayonet lens mount to be fitted to a number of specialist lenses and accessories. The mount itself simply screws onto the device concerned, provided it uses a T2 mounting system, and is then fitted into the bayonet of the camera. 

Should the device not be mounted square to the camera, there are 3 grub screws around the outside of the mount which can be gently loosened using a watchmaker type screwdriver, the device can be squared up and the grub screws retightened so that it is correct for the next use. Devices that can be adapted for Nikon fit SLR/DSLR use include slide copiers, bellows attachments for macro photography, long lenses, astronomical telescopes (normally with a Photo Adapter), spotting or field scopes and optical and digital microscopes, again with adapters. This opens up a huge variety of new subjects for the aspiring photographer.

The downside is that there is no autofocus or even aperture control via this simple mount, these have to be done manually on the devices, but this is far outweighed by the opportunities that this mount offers in terms of value for money, flexibility and creativity.

T2 Adapters - Hama T2 Camera Adapter for Nikon

T2 Adapters - Hama T2 Camera Adapter for Nikon

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